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What Is Coaching? Simply put Coaching is helping people move from where they are to where they want to be! Coaching is all about helping the client create a clear vision for the future and discovering the steps that will help them achieve that vision.

Who Needs a Coach? In short, EVERYONE! Everyone needs someone in their corner who will listen attentively, challenge appropriately, and celebrate victories when they come. Coaches help their clients think bigger than they ever have before which allows them to achieve levels of success that they never dreamed possible. Coaches help their clients stay on track when life becomes chaotic by reminding them of their vision and strategic goals.

What Should I Expect With a Coach? You should expect someone who will keep a clear eye on the vision you have created while challenging you to think bigger than you have before. You should expect someone who will lead you to the right questions which are the key to the right answers. Coaches do not create your vision. Coaches do not set your goals. They lead you through a process of questioning that helps to unlock the answers that are already in you. There is an old saying that a borrowed dream is really no dream at all! Your coach is not there to tell you your dream, they are there to help you realize your dream and help you put it into action.

So, Is Coaching Best for My Professional Setting or Personal Life? Well, that is up for you to decide. Sometimes coaching is uniquely focused on what is happening in your professional setting and helping you achieve your career goals. Sometimes these goals might be how to be more productive in your current setting, how to facilitate advancement in your career, or how to transition into that real career dream that is really your driving passion. Other times Coaching can take on a very personal focus. A coach can help you walk through some habits that might be harming relationships or personal productivity. They might help you to understand your vision to be a better spouse, or parent, or even how to find that perfect spouse. A coach is whatever you need them to be, that is why our company is named Focused, because we are absolutely Focused on you and your unique needs.


Consulting is unique from Coaching because in Consulting we take a more hands-on approach to creating your vision and goals. A good consultant needs to have a high level of experience in the field in which they are consulting. Never trust a consultant that does not have experience in your field. Here at Focused we only offer consulting services for Non-Profit Organizations, Entrepreneurs, and Insurance Agents. Why? Because those are our unique areas of expertise. Having a wealth of experience and success in those arenas we are fully qualified to help consult you on how to take your organization to a new level. From helping you to understand how to scale your business, train and motivate your sales staff, lead a Non-Profit into a new vision, or begin something entirely new we are uniquely qualified to assist you in your journey.

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What Our Customers are Saying

  • "Focused Leadership and Coaching has been a game-changer for my career! My coach helped me identify my leadership strengths and areas for growth. With their guidance, I became a more confident and effective sales manager, achieving record-breaking results. Thank you, Focused Leadership and Coaching!"
    Emily R., Sales Manager
  • "Working with Focused Leadership and Coaching was a game-changer for our non-profit. Their strategic insights and hands-on support transformed our organization, improving teamwork and impact. We couldn't be happier with the results! Highly recommended!"
    Mark T., Non-Profit Director: